Windows 10 Upcoming Feature Causes Memory Issues

Windows Insiders have been continuing to test features for the upcoming updates. One in particular is the ‘News and Interest’ pop up in the task bar. It will also include weather details, among other information.

According to Tech Radar, the Insiders reported memory issues within this new feature, claiming it used 15MB of RAM.

That’s a decent chunk of memory, especially on older PCs or devices with limited amounts of RAM. If your PC is really struggling for memory, it could result in a degradation in performance.

This won’t be welcomed by people who want their Windows 10 installs to be as clean as possible, and the idea of sacrificing memory to a feature they rarely use won’t be too popular.

Source: Tech Radar

Thankfully, this feature will be optional, so you will be able to disable it once it becomes available.

If you’d like to sign up to be in the Windows Insiders Program, you can register here, accept the terms and you’ll receive a Welcome E-mail. Be certain to read the Important Notice before agreeing to join, as it adds a variety of risks to your computer.

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