Windows 10 Access to Phone Contacts

Microsoft continues 2020 with a plethora of great features for Windows 10. Since February of this year, they have been working on a way for users to access their phone contacts on their computers. And so far, there has been positive feedback.

Why is this a needed feature?

This feature coincides with Window 10’s Your Phone app, which allows your phone and PC work together.

When you link your Android to your PC, you’ll be able to reply to texts, receive phone notifications, and more. The phone contact access will allow a smoother, easier way to make phone calls and send texts.

Windows Latest shares that this feature, “currently works with Android phones only, but it might come to Apple devices as well.” So, iPhone users, keep an eye out.

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Cyberbullies are Everywhere

Cyberbullies have the ability to breach any kind of system if it’s not properly secure. Emails and software are just a couple of ways they can invade your computer without your knowledge.

The reasonings behind these attacks are anywhere between stealing personal information, making money, or crashing business PCs to shut them down. For instance, Amazon, being one of the leading online retail stores in the world, is often mimicked by hackers to steal customers personal information. Not only that, but they’re mimicking delivery emails, which is quite disturbing and dangerous.

Did you know that you can take steps to improve your cyber-defenses, such as making sure your important files and data are backed up to a secure cloud storage. We recommend Carbonite online backup solutions which will protect your data regardless of any type of attack or problem.

Don’t let your computer become susceptible to any form of malware. Back up any important files and keep it secure.

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