YouTube is a PWA

A PWA is a Progressive Web Application.

YouTube users can install it as a PWA on their devices. But, what is that anyways? Progressive Web Applications give the users quick, easy access to their favorite apps. Once YouTube is installed, they will find a red logo in their app launcher, task bar, or desktop.

As shown above, if a + sign shows up on the browser while you’re on YouTube and you click it, it will give you the option of installing it. AndroidPolice, a tech blog, shared a bit of information regarding it:

“The change rolled out over the last few days, and you can tell that the option has reached you once you see the signature plus button in your browser’s address bar that prompts you to install the app when you click it. Once added to your applications, you’ll find YouTube in its own window, but there aren’t any new capabilities enabled thanks to PWA support, like downloading for Premium users or such. The simple installation process is the only real benefit for now, though there’s nothing hindering other changes from coming later.”

Source: AndroidPolice

While there are no real benefits of installing YouTube at this time, this could potentially bring more support and improvement to the application. I suppose we’ll just have to see.

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How to Download Windows 10

Many Windows users still use version 7, 8, and 8.1. Because of security risks, Microsoft encourages its users to upgrade to Windows 10.

First released in 2015, Windows 10 has included its ups and downs. It seems to push updates to its OS due to bug fixes or security vulnerabilities. However, Windows 7 no longer includes support. This means that those using this version will not have technical support or updates and will leave your computer at risk for possible malware.

Windows 10 can give users peace of mind knowing that their PC is getting great processing performance and security that is needed for a pleasant user experience.

To get Windows 10 for free for your PC, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the Windows 10 website
  • Click on the Download tool now button, under the Create Windows 10 installation media
  • Click Run
  • Go to Upgrade this PC now
  • Follow the directions, and it will begin upgrading
  • Once finished, the digital license will be shown under Activation in the Update & Security tab in the Settings app

If you are wanting to update a different PC, be sure to choose the Create installation media for another PC.

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