Security Feature Added to iOS 15

Apple’s WWDC is happening this week, and announcements have already been overflowing.

iOS 15 has been one of the main topics of this conference. Many of the apps involved with their devices are getting upgrades, including Messages and Facetime.

Yesterday, Apple announced a well known security feature to the operating system: 2-Factor Authentication. According to TechRadar, “iOS 15 will include a built-in authenticator that will help generate verification codes for online services that support 2FA, eliminating the need to download a third-party app, like Google Authenticator or Authy.”

2FA, or Two-factor authentication, was intended to provide the highest effective level of account security. You will set up your accounts in the Settings App, and the feature will simply fill in the code automatically.

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App Tracking Transparency Talk: Apple Event

Today is the ever famous Apple Event. Nicknamed their ‘Springloaded’ event, it is rumored Apple will be sharing a handful of things they’re working on. For example, iOS 14.5 may be highlighted in this keynote, addressing its release date.

One of the features listed in 14.5 is the App Tracking Transparency. This particular one has been the cause of controversy. App developers will have to request permission of the user for ad targeting.

Those who create free applications and rely on ad tracking could see a decrease in revenue due to Apple’s upcoming iOS feature. But this doesn’t mean that ad tracking is disabled.

“Ads are still permitted,” states TomsGuide, ” it’s just that they can’t be personalized based on your history with other apps or websites. Whether that will impact click through and ultimately revenue will depend on how clever the contextual advertising is. Just because an app doesn’t know the websites you visit, that doesn’t mean it can’t guess your preferences and interests based on what app you’re using.”

Hopefully the Apple Event will share the release date with us so preparations can be in order.

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