SSD prices have never been lower!

SSD prices falling

The NAND flash industry (the companies that make the storage part of SSDs) have been in massive competition in 2019. There is a massive oversupply of flash memory to built SSDs out of. Because of that, the price per GB of a SSD (Solid State Device) has fallen below $0.1 per GB.

We have purchased many SSDs under $50 for a 512GB drive. Prices for SSDs have fallen by over half since last year. Prices on SSDs have been falling dramatically over the last one and half years.

If you have been waiting to purchase a large SSDs until prices fall further you should probably purchase them today. There are market signals showing that the NAND flash industry is trying to correct the oversupply. Additionally there has been a lot of consolidation of manufacturers and end suppliers of SSDs to try to stabilize the price reductions.

SSD prices can’t get much lower, so if you want a large drive, get it today.

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