New Microsoft Surface Studio

The New Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft has finally decided to enter the desktop market with the Surface Studio, their very own, all-in-one PC. Microsoft managed to wow the audience as it was unveiled at the recent Microsoft Conference. The desktop features the thinnest LCD of it’s size ever produced at a 12.5mm. The device looks similar to Apple products of the past, with it’s rather, simplistic look, with something new, a multi-touch display. Only one cable is necessary for the device to function on it’s own. The 28 inch display outputs 13.5 million pixels, which manages to be around 63% more than 4K displays today. The glory lies within, as the device ships with the latest in technology. It’s powered by Intel’s i7 Core Processor and Nvidia’s 980M Graphics with varying options for hard drive storage and RAM (Random Access Memory).

Microsoft Surface Studio

Something entirely new that Microsoft is launching side by side with the Studio (although not included) are a variety of peripherals such as the Surface Dial. The dial aims to create easy access to a variety of applications from simple web browsing to different color palettes in the new Paint 3D.  The device ships with the well-known Surface Pen that is useful in acting as a stylus, pen, or painting/drawing tool for these applications. Microsoft plans for more tools for users of the Surface studio as the device matures.

You can pre-order the Surface Studio for $2,999, $3,499, or $4,199 depending on your hardware configuration. The device ships with the Surface Studio, Surface Pen, Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse, and power cord. Limited availability with the holiday season. Find more information from Microsoft themselves here.

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